Creative Internship Program

Our Internship Program trains the next generation of community leaders and artists. Arts for Humanity!’s Internship Program is provided in conjunction with our Community Expressive Arts Program and Events. We train and mentor local college students as they experience first hand the benefits of the arts in social service. These generous interns receive invaluable hands-on experience as they develop teaching skills, expand their world view, and cultivate compassion – enriching themselves while changing the lives of others.

Student interns volunteer for Arts for Humanity! in a number of ways – as teachers for our interactive arts programs, and as photographers, videographers, and in PR & marketing. Our interns come to us from UCSB, SBCC, and Westmont College. Academic credit is available for participants who complete an internship.

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I want art to play a role in my growth as an individual throughout my life, I hope to inspire my students in this way!
— Lisa Kitson, Art Intern

Intern Learning Opportunities

I am very excited to share my love for the arts with my community.
— Sara Zarglis, Art Intern

Arts for Humanity! programs provide unique learning opportunities for College interns as they deliver our programs to our constituents; students eager to express themselves through the arts.  Interns gain invaluable hands-on training and leadership experience through this unique Internship Program.

Interns work as artist/facilitators teaching art, theatre, dance, or creative writing

Behind the scenes of the non-profit world: Interns work in areas such as PR and Marketing, photography, videography, and fund development.

Please note: Interns may earn up to 4 units of credit for their work with Arts for Humanity!.

Opportunities for interns to create a curriculum and co-teach a weekly Expressive Arts class are available. Please click here for Internship Opportunities.

Arts for Humanity! provides Internship and Volunteer opportunities in a wide range of areas. We provide opportunities behind the scenes of the non-profit world along with teaching opportunities. Arts for Humanity! programs provide unique opportunities for our Interns, and exciting art opportunities for our constituents; diverse community members eager to express themselves through the arts.

This exciting opportunity combines my love for working with youth, with my passion for art.
— Amanda Zunino, Art Intern
From the Internship Training in 2013

From the Internship Training in 2013

It’s just all about engaging in art for solely constructive purposes, healing, tapping into the parts of art that have a positive effect and celebrating it... I felt free, I really did, and it would be amazing to give that to other people.
— Daisy Rogozinsky, UCSB Film Major
I plan on becoming an art therapist focusing on children with developmental disabilities. This is my second internship with Arts for Humanity!, it is so rewarding, I hope to continue interning until I graduate!
— Sandra Ramirez, 4th year Art & Psychology