Our Interns

Sandra Ramirez, Art Intern


I am a UCSB 4th year Art major emphasizing in photography with a minor in Applied Psychology. I plan on becoming an art therapist in the future focusing on children with developmental disabilities. This is the second time interning with Arts for Humanity! and it was always really fun, and very rewarding. I hope to continue interning until I graduate!


Crystal Juarez, Dance Intern


I’m a third year Global Studies student at UCSB. I am very excited to teach and share my passion for dance.


Amanda Zunimo, Art Intern

Working with Arts for Humanity! gives me the exciting opportunity to combine my love for working with youth with my passion for art. I love experimenting with different mediums in my art, and hope to inspire adventurous attitudes and a thirst for new experiences in my students.  I am a third year student majoring in Art and Psychology at UCSB.



Sara Zarglis, Art Intern

Although I am not majoring in the arts, art has been a true passion of mine ever since I was a little kid. I’m a second year microbiology and psychology doublemajor; this is my first time interning for Arts for Humanity! and I can’t wait to seewhat this year has to offer. I’m very excited to share my love for the arts with my community.

Summer Cook, Art Intern


I love art and I think that creative expression is an essential part of life, I especially love ceramics and working with clay.  My goal is to go to grad school for Occupational Therapy and learn to incorporate art in my therapy practice.  This is a great experience towards that goal.  I’m a psychology and communication major at UCSB, in my fourth year.



Anastasia McCammon, Dance & Theatre Intern

I’m a second year Dance and Anthropology double major at UCSB. I am extremely excited to work with the AH! team, and to learn more about education in the arts; something I am very passionate about!  I was born and raised in Cyprus, and hope some day to take these important practices back home to benefit the Cyprus communities.


David Aleman, Art Intern

I’m a third-year art major at UCSB. I’m interested in drawing, playing music, web design, and graphic design.
I intend to pursue a career in animation and/or graphic design. This is my first year as an intern for Arts for Humanity!
and I am excited to be a part of the team, both helping others with their creative goals and helping the organization
with their graphic needs.

Brooklin Stevens, Art Intern

I am currently a second-year biology and psychology major at UCSB. I have always loved drawing, arts n crafts, painting, and the fun it brings. I hope to eventually pursue a career in occupational therapy working with children. This is my first time getting involved with Arts and Humanity!  and I am extremely excited to see what the future holds,  hoping to be able to make a difference for others.

Lupita Perez, Dance


I’m interested in dancing, writing, and community organizing.  I intend to pursue career as a Counselor or Social Justice attorney. This is my firstyear interning for Arts for Humanity!  and I love being able to share my passion for dance in a way that is empowering for the youth living in the Santa Barbara community.  I’m a fourth-year Sociology and Feminist Studiesdouble major with a minor in applied psychology attending UCSB.


Camille Wong, Art Intern

I love art because it gives other people a look into life and different perceptions of the world. I hope to help develop creative minds while interning at Arts forHumanity!.  I’m a second year art and environmental studies major at UCSB. Ilove camping and being out in the sun.




Ciera Phung-Marion, Art Intern


I am so excited to be interning for Arts for Humanity!  because I love how art canbe used to express oneself and I enjoy sharing my passions with others.  I am aGlobal Studies and Psychology double major at UCSB.  interning for Arts for Humanity because I love how art can be used to express oneself and I enjoy sharing passions of mine with others.


Cathie Dominski


I have a passion for art, working with Arts for Humanity! gives me the opportunity to attain rewarding experiences by sharing this passion while helping others. I attend UCSB with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy and look forward to understanding how this work will impact my studies.



Heather Kesner


I’m 21 years young, and a fourth year Art Major/Education Minor at UCSB. Art has always been therapeutic for me, and I can’t wait to share the experience and happiness I have gained from it with my students through Arts for Humanity!.  heatherkesner.tumblr.com



Amanda Lam


I’m 22 years old and a feminist studies major. I have been a musician for ten years and although I have developed a strong love for music, I have always enjoyed all forms of art. Through the mentorship I receive at AH!’s Community Arts Program, I hope to share my love for the arts with the kids at the Boys & Girls Club to inspire them to be creative and confident individuals.



Daisy Rogozinsky

I am a senior film student at UC Santa Barbara. Art is everything to me. I am particularly passionate about film, poetry, and dance. Through Arts for Humanity!, I hope to spread the love of art to as many people as possible.


Nabra Nelson


I am a Theatre major at UCSB and hope to share the fun, joy, and fulfillment I get from theatre with the students at TWELVE35. I believe that theatre is for everyone because it’s creative, informative, useful, and, perhaps most importantly, fun!


Jenny Hirsohn


I’m a 22-year-old student at Brooks Institute of Photography. I have a passion for art and working with children that is fulfilled through Arts for Humanity!.



Alysha Izoco


I am a third-year Biopsychology major at UCSB. My goal for my internship work with Arts for Humanity! is to spread happiness through the form of art.



Hayli Smith


I am 18 years old and a first-year student at UCSB. Art is something that I have grown up with, and I believe it has the power to do special things for a community that needs it. I am so excited to share the various art forms that I love with the students at the Boys and Girls Club!


Hector Medina


I am a third-year student at UCSB pursuing an art degree. I am volunteering at Arts for Humanity! because I have experience helping people with disabilities and now I will have the opportunity to share my artistic abilities with them.


Hope Curran


I am a freshman at UCSB studying art and global studies. I compete on the UCSB swimming and diving team and I love the beach.  Photography is my favorite art form and I hope to some day travel the world with my camera to expose the unexposed!


Katie Edwards


I’m a third-year art major at UCSB. I’ve always had a great appreciation for art as an outlet for personal expression and growth. After working with senior residents at Garden Court for my first wonderful months as an Arts for Humanity! intern, I am very excited to continue my classes there and to build new relationships with my students at the Voluntario Housing Authority and SBCC Transition Program.


Krissy Reyes-Ortiz


I’m a third-year English and Theatre major at UCSB. I can’t wait to share my love of performance art and theatre with the teens at TWELVE35.



Marina Woodbury


I’m a third-year art major attending UCSB.  I’m interested in painting, writing, and designing and I intend to pursue a career as a graphic designer. I have been interning for Arts for Humanity! since my freshman year and I love being able to share my passion for arts.


Shannon Hsu


I’m a student, Shakespeare enthusiast, and tea addict currently studying Communication and Theatre. I have worked with the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara (PVLC).



Tammy Lee


I’m currently a third-year student at UCSB. I have an interest in pursuing a career working with young adults with disabilities, so I’m really excited to be teaching an art class for the San Marcos High Transition Program. I believe through the power of art, these bright young people will be able to express themselves and communicate with others in a way they might have believed wasn’t possible before. I’m so excited to be working with Arts For Humanity!!


Shelbie Hope Miller


I am an Art Studio and Feminist Studies major completing my third year at the UCSB. I am interested in art as social justice and work with digital and print media to create community primarily in developing socioeconomic areas. I hope to continue building community through teaching art while achieving a higher artistic presence in our community through my internship with Arts for Humanity!