"I have had the privilege of viewing Arts for Humanity’s art and theatre work. These productions are one of the most successful avenues that I am aware of, in helping the general public recognize and appreciate the abilities rather than the disabilities of this population. Ms. Gould’s work is gentle and approached with the utmost respect and yet has a profound effect. Her highly creative approach allows the performer’s disability to be neither hidden nor highlighted. It simply becomes a uniquely beautiful part of the performance. It is my belief that Arts for Humanity!’s work will help this population to be viewed in this respectful and inclusive way, not only on stage, but everywhere in their lives."   -  Dee Duncan, Executive Director, “New Directions for people with disabilities”

"The work of this production company changes lives for both the actors and audience. It’s very rare to mix a true artistic experience with social service – this work does both on a very high level. We must find a way to keep this work out there…"  -  Mary MacRae, Past Executive Director, Center Stage Theater

"When I started drama I was scared. Now I’ve proved I can do anything and be anything I want to be."  -  Gabriel, Cast Member

"We as parents feel so blessed to have our son involved with Arts for Humanity! What an asset this is to our life!"  -  Sally and Philip Milano, Cast Member’s Parents

"The evening was full of love and imagination. The players were superb. The production was beautifully integrated. This is a life enriching experience.”  -  Lee Percy, Hollywood Film Editor and Writer

"Sometimes my feelings are shut away behind me. In drama, I feel like a free bird, and all my troubles are gone."  -  Louise, Cast Member

"A beautiful and inspiring show. Thank you for bringing forth the spirit of these creative people."  -  Michael Geis, Psychiatrist

"I like working my hardest in drama, because I want to be the best I can. I dance a lot better than I did in the beginning, and I dance beautifully now. I really do a very good job."  -  Phil, Cast Member

"Completely magical and enchanting – the authenticity of these actors and originality of the work is a perfect match."  -  Pamela Foster, Chiropractor

"I was brought to tears seeing these actors, and how possible it is to go beyond one’s own apparent limits. You made it possible for each one to bring out their inner creative spirit and share their gifts with us. We felt so privileged to be part of this experience."  -  Ruth Ahlroth, Office Manager

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful play. My niece loved the entire experience. Thank you for enriching her life forever. You truly produced and directed a miracle."  -  Wendy Borge Michael, Cast Member’s Aunt

"Hats off to Karsen Gould who did such a tremendous job directing the players in what turned out to be an evening of surpassed expectations. To motivate and orchestrate her actors into such an unfolding of magic and enthusiasm is most commendable."  -  Commodore Dixon, Educator

"The panel applauds Arts for Humanity for continuing to provide programming and events to a variety of underserved individuals and groups. The panel commends AH! for its continuing successes in engaging UCSB student interns and strengthening community partnerships with groups such as the Boys & Girls Club."  -  City of Santa Barbara and the County Arts Commission

"Sometimes my feelings are shut away behind me. In drama, I feel like a free bird, and all my troubles are gone".  -  Louise, Senior Cast Member

"I’ve learned so much from working with Arts for Humanity! Karsen taught me to be a better teacher by mentoring me; she spread her love for what she does, enabling it to affect more people."  -  Jackie Rotman, Founder, Everybody Dance Now!