Our Mission

Founded in 1997, Arts for Humanity! empowers low income at-risk youth, people with disabilities, and the elderly through participatory performing and visual arts programs. We bring opportunities in the creative arts directly to marginalized community members through art programs we provide to social service agencies throughout Santa Barbara County. Facilitated by local artists and trained college interns, our inspirational arts programs cultivate creativity and give a voice to the under-served. These uplifting experiences serve to bridge generational, social, and economic divides to make the arts accessible to all. Arts for Humanity! works to celebrate both our differences and our commonality through the power and beauty of the arts.

Arts for Humanity! provides Community Arts Programs in partnership with The Squire Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), and operates under their umbrella.

The work of this production company (Arts for Humanity!) changes lives for both the actors and audience. It’s very rare to mix a true artistic experience with social service this work does both on a very high level. We must find a way to keep this work out there…
— Mary MacRae, Former Executive Director, Center Stage Theater