“Isle of Silk” Audience Testimonials

“Isle of Silk was an amazing show… emotionally resonant and artistically rich. I found this to be a truly poetic
theatrical experience; playful, fascinating, and uniquely experimental.”
~ Patricia Palmieri

“Karsen’s purely imaginative approach and artistic direction brought forth magical and exciting performances.
The romantic story told through a charming invented language enhanced the audience’s own imagination. The
use of bold colors with sparse scenery and beautiful music heightened the emotional impact.”
~ Ruth Alhroth

“The work of this production company changes lives for both the actors and audience. It’s very rare to mix a
true artistic experience with social service – this work does both on a very high level. We must find a way to
keep this work out there…”
~ Mary McRae, Executive Director, Center Stage Theater

“Isle of Silk” is pure magic! It celebrates and affirms life. Through dance and playful expression unique,
individual differences are woven into a creative whole. It is moving poetry!”
~ Terrie Furukawa

“This production helped me to heal a judgmental nature towards myself and others. Incredible performing,
singing and beautiful people.”
~ Julie-Ann Blackmore

“Enchanting, touching, and musical.”
~ Karla Freeman

“ I loved how Karsen created portions of the play around each individual’s gifts and talents – those with
disabilities and those without. It was very creative and heart moving.”
~ Liz Costello

“It was wonderful seeing everybody creating and working together so beautifully.”
~ Janette Hopp

“ I enjoyed the performance tremendously. Of special interest to me was the selflessness of players with
disabilities, the absence of “me” and total entrance into the “now” of the experience. I loved seeing a
movement-based theatre piece.”
~ Renee Tillotson

“I really appreciated the artistry and themes, and the beauty therein. The show was so positive and moving.”
~Kristal Keinert

“Isle of Silk was so touching, I cried! It was wonderful to see everyone so confident and so beautiful!”
~ Corey Traynor

“Uplifting, poignant, affirmative – delightful!”
~ Norah McMeeking